Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Silver Marker

Last week while I was on a conference call with work Danny got bored and decided to color our walls, carpet, doors, and himself, with a silver sharpie. Dan was able to use the magic eraser and get the paint off of our yellow walls, but we aren't able to get it off of the builders white. I guess that gives us a reason to paint the hall. Any suggestions Monica?
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Staci L. Photography said...

Oh, my. The inevitable coloring on the walls. haha. I thought I had perfect children (because Makenzie nor Madden ever did that!!) but Amara came along & decided to show us that scribbles on the wall are actually a coveted decor in many American family homes. :-) And even then convinced her big brother Madden to join in the fun after YEARS of him not doing it. See how convincing us women can be??? haha. So funny, though...but not fun. :-)