Monday, October 12, 2009

The flying swan
While I was in FL we were looking at old slides and found some of my family in this same raft from 20 years ago

Heading out to Dan on the sandbar
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Isn't the water beautiful. It was so warm that you could just walk right in
My 2 beach boys
I love this one
This was our elaborate set up on the beach. It was like home away from home.
Sword fighting with Daddy
Totem pole family
Danny was waving like the queen. He felt very royal being so tall
Relaxing on the beach
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The current was really strong at Howard Park so Danny liked holding onto the fishing net to keep from floating way in his tube
Walking and jumping on the beach

The water was brackish which made it really red
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Danny loved the wonderful shaded playground at Wallsprings park
Resting after feeding the fish
My little salt shaker boy
Mimi and Danny singing and dancing in the rain
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Danny's Haircut

Danny loves getting his hair cut. As a special treat we took Danny for a trim in FL. Our coupon included a shampoo and he was really into it. The hairdresser was really nervous about washing a toddler's hair, but he did great.

He was so proud of the end result.
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Could I love this happy boy anymore?
Perhaps I don't love him enough if I allow this to happen?
Big boy would "swim" on the step by himself
Aunt Tessie brought Danny some flan. He wasn't sure what to think about it.
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Honeymoon Island - Dog beach

Honeymoon island is a wonderful beach near my parents. They allow dogs on one part of the beach, and we make a point to go there.
Danny wanted a picture with his friend
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Danny and Pappi really enjoyed looking for seashells. He brought a bag home to give some away to his friends.
Looking at fish
Building sand castles
Sword fights in the gulf
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Tarpon Springs

Tarpon Springs is the Greek village about 5 minutes from my parents house. We went to walk around one evening. Danny loved looking at all the boats. It was killing him not being able to go for a ride.
He loved the turtle
Mimi and Danny in a Greek fishing boat
We went in a really awesome store and met a 4th generation sponge diver from Greece. He gave Danny a necklace, and this is a sponge that he found.
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Howard Park

Pappy blowing up the gator to take to the beach
Burying Danny in the sand up to his waist
Three generations of the gator raft
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