Friday, December 5, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

For Thanksgiving, we always go to Dan's Uncle Mark's house in NJ. Here is Uncle Mark and Aunt Linda with Joy, Chris, and Josiah
The crazy kitchen. Aunt Linda always prepares a beautiful feast
Cousins. Dave, Kevin, and Dan
This is Dan's grandmother who lives in Washington state. She flew in for the special day.
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Emilia really enjoyed seeing all of her cousins
As you can tell, Danny really enjoyed all the affection
Count 'em... Three diaper changes at once
Turkey induced coma
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Fun with Hats

All of the cousins enjoyed playing with James and Emilia's toys. The hats were a huge hit.
I love that serious face
Firefighter Micah to the rescue
It's hard to fight a fire if you can't see where you are going
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Beautiful piano duet

Micah and Danny were entertaining us with lovely Christmas carol duets on the piano
That's the face of a child prodigy if I've ever seen one

We found Danny in the corner of the kitchen trying to eat these potatoes (no kidding) perhaps he was trying to tell us something
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No pants dance

Somehow, at the end of every function we attend Danny ends up running around without pants on.

I love those chubby legs
I'm not sure if this picture is of a fall, or if Danny is laying on the ground in silent protest of not wanting his PJ pants on. Either option is highly possible.
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Snuggle with Uncle Doug

Doug stayed with us Thur. night after Thanksgiving. He and Danny were both very tired from the long drive.
Danny is really teething too
So cute
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Friday Dinner

First, let me say that tripod pictures are the worst.

Friday after Thanksgiving we had some friends over for dinner. Val and Tim were in from Texas and it was so nice to see everyone. In the picture we have Steph, Jess Evans, Val, Beth, Dan, Tim, and Mike. It was a great night.
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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Florida in November

November 13 Danny and I left for 10 days in Florida. Dan joined us several days later and we left Danny with my parents and went to Dan's convention in Orlando. Here we are in the airport. Notice that Danny doesn't have any pants on. We had a hard trip. He had roseola, which is a virus with a full body rash and fever. He messed his clothing so I struggled through the airport with a miserable plagued looking baby. Once we got on the plane, it was the bumpiest flight of my life.
I was so thankful when we got to my parent's beautiful house. They bought tons of treats for Danny including these cereal straws
Mimi and Danny feeding the fish
The beach is less than a mile from their house, and it was so beautiful and warm our first day
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Danny and Pappy had a great time playing in the hot tub
Every morning they feed the fish
Danny really took to my Dad right away. They enjoyed watching cartoons together
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Danny stayed with my parents when Dan and I went to Orlando for his convention. We had the chance to visit two very nice restaurants for dinner. I'm so lame and ordered spaghetti while everyone else was eating seafood and steak. Wasn't I surprised when I got 22ounces of meat.
The inside of our suite
We stayed at a really beautiful place, I don't remember the name, but it is owned by a football player
The four days went fast, and before we knew it, we were driving back to my parent's house to get Danny
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It was nice to have some quality "hug time" with Danny when we got back from Orlando

He must have been really tired because he was actually laying with me
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