Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New Look

Just thought I'd make this Blog just a little more awesome! I know Steph will love the new look. Love you hun, Dan

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Renaissance Wedding

We recently went to Fl to see my family and to go to Uncle Pete's Renaissance wedding. Here is the groom to be, he was dressed like a jester.
Dan and I tried to get into character as much as possible

I loved how the horses mane was braided
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This was a man dressed like a bush, and the dog was really interested

a wizard
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a chicken
A gypsy show
Some of Peter's family that came over from Jacksonville
I thought this was a really cool ride for the kids. There was a guy pushing it like a swing to make it fly
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Peter bowing to the king in the parade. Many people were very in character for the day.

Peter joined in the parade
a random pirate
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This was a human chess match. I believe that the women squatting is dress as the black plague
I really liked the living carousel
the Harp player at the wedding
Peter changed before the wedding from a jester to Pete the Pirate
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Dan was Peter's best man
The king of the festival was a justice of the peace and conducted the ceremony
Peter coming down the isle through the pirate's swords
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Dan down the isle ducking under the swords

Peter lent Dan a gun to wear during the wedding
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The pirates took a knee for the service
Maid of honor
First kiss
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Emr
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The wedding party
A fairy giving congratulations
Signing the papers
Happy couple cutting the cake
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Sharing their first bite of cake
Dan and the king
Peter's Mom with the king
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