Friday, June 18, 2010

2nd annual Day out with Thomas

We had so much fun last year, that we decided to go back. The weather forecast looked terrible, but the Lord blessed us with a perfect weekend.
Taking a ride in Toby
Checking out some of the awesome old trains along the track. Danny's favorite were the snowplow and crane trains.
I seriously enjoy this day as much if not more than my son. It is just so fun to see the excitement in his eyes.
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The Cagney

The Cagney is a cool little steam engine that can pull 4 cars full of people. Taking a ride is another highlight of the Day out with Thomas.
Looking sneaky
Cutest boy in the universe, I'm sure of it.
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Cranky cars

One of Danny's favorite activities was the cranky car. He is so strong and had no problem flying around the track. Notice that he has in tongue sticking out a little. That is something that he gets from his Pappy when he is really concentrating.

Getting low for better aerodynamics
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Here comes Thomas for our ride
I love these boys
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I love this picture because it accurately depicts what it is like when Danny rides on your shoulders
Getting ready for our turn on Thomas

Such a happy little man
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Enjoying the sites
Handing in our tickets
Danny enjoyed watching the working horses
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Plowing the field
I love looking at all the farms along the train route

We always carry snacks
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One of the cool old trains not currently in use.
Taking a spin on one of the smaller rides. It was a nice chance to sit down and have a drink.

This is the large steam engine that is also running. You can take a longer less expensive ride on it, but we decided on Thomas.
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An Amish family set up a stand selling baked goods, and bunnies. Danny loved the animals, and I loved the chocolate chip cookies.
So excited about the bunnies.
A little boy got the orange one out for Danny because it was our favorite
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Danny wanted to stand on this pile of rocks and asked us to take a picture of his muscles.

Waving bye to Thomas after a great day
I like how the conductor is waving too.
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Shower cap

Recently Danny has been enjoying taking showers with his knight helmet on.
It's a fight to convince him to take it off so I can wash his hair.
Could there be anything more fun than a 3 year old boy?
First attempt at finger painting. 30 minutes of play, 2 hours of clean up. At least he used all the paint in one shot and we don't need to do it again.
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