Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dolce Seaview Photo Shoot

Don't' let these pictures confuse you, we didn't get re-married. Our good friend Doug Burns is an amazing wedding photographer, and he was asked to make a wedding book for the Seaview Hotel in Atlantic City. He knew that I had been itching to get my wedding dress back on since I wasn't' thrilled with our actual wedding photos, so he was kind enough to ask Dan and I to be his models. It was a very fun and very long day, but I love the pictures. I wish Doug had photographed our real wedding 4 years ago.
We picked out a brown tux for Dan just to try something different.
It was really exciting for me to get my hair and makeup done in A.C. I just told them to do whatever they wanted, and I think the results were great.
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I feel you can get a good look at my hair here. I really liked it.
Don't' let the laughter fool you, laying on the ground in a tight wedding dress with 100 poky bobby pins in your hair isn't fun.
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The golf course

The next set of pictures we took on one of the golf course greens. This is a really famous course on the Atlantic Ocean where different presidents and celebrities have played. It was so beautiful by the water, but this is when the onslaught of bugs started. Between every shot we were flailing our arms and screaming.
Isn't my hubby strong?
Atlantic city in the background
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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Into the reeds

Because the bugs weren't bad enough out in the open, we decided to step into the swampy reeds. Despite the feeding frenzy, the pictures in the bull rushes turned out to be my favorite of the whole day. It was totally worth it.

If I had to pick my one favorite picture from the day it would be this one.
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Doesn't he look handsome? I think this is one of my favorites of Dan.

I couldn't decide if I liked it better in color or black and white
The setting sun made for great color
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I think this one looks a lot like a picture we have from our actual wedding 4 years prior
A nice one with the hotel name in the picture
Taking a break in the Adirondack chairs
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Throwing the roses

It took more shots than it should have for me to figure out how to throw the rose petals in the air and not look up at them at the same time.
Dan did a great job of throwing the roses and then quickly kissing me. I like this one a lot, I think the hotel looks beautiful too.
Super cool picture. I think the petals looks so bright. They are a great contrast between the grass and my dress.
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Indoor pictures

So when it just got too dark outside, and we had no blood left for the bugs to drink, we headed inside for some pictures. There is something I really like about this picture in the billiards room. I think it is because it looks a little retro.

This was just a random hallway in the hotel, but it was so pretty
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A wet end to our evening

There was a beautiful pool at the hotel. It was originally an outdoor pool, but as the Seaview expanded they built around the pool and now it is indoors.
I'm not sure what I was thinking, but I consented to jumping into the pool. It was a really fun end to our long evening of shooting.
So I hate my face in these pictures, but I'm sure they are enjoyable for other to look at and laugh
Dan can walk on water!
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Soaking wet but still having fun
I was worried what would happen to my dress when I jumped in, but nothing drastic (like it disintegrating) seemed to occur

Dan thinks this picture is really silly, but it has been a popular one among our friends.
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