Friday, August 20, 2010

Busy weekend

Danny and Thomas taking a break after a very packed weekend.
Doug came up from S. Carolina for Tim's wedding. On Sat. morning he and Dan went for a long bike ride. The weather was perfect, and they had a great time.
Took some belly shots before the wedding. I was surprised to look back at them and see how big my belly is. When I look down at it I don't think it seems that big.
As of today I have 1 month left. My C-section is now scheduled for 9/20. I can't believe she is actually going to be in my arms soon.
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Danny and Thomas

What a good looking cat. Sure he drives me nuts sometimes like when he sits on my face at night, but Danny loves him, and then so do I.
Danny is currently going through a very long phase where he doesn't like to have his picture taken, but when he can pose with Thomas, he's a ham.
Something about this smirk makes him look so old
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That's a good cat.

I love that smile
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Dog sitting

Several weekends ago we dog sat Amber. Danny loved having a dogie for the weekend. I don't remember why Danny has a pillow and backpack, but I'm sure we were going somewhere. Doesn't he look so happy. I need a dog soon.
This is a seriously great picture. Thanks for a fun weekend Amber.
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Painting a bird house

Aunt Nita gave Danny a wooden birdhouse to paint. He loves crafts, and takes them very seriously. I love these pictures because he has his tongue out when he is really concentrating. That is something that I grew up watching my Dad do when he was working on something detailed in the garage, and now it is so crazy to see my son doing the same thing. Danny has been doing the deep concentration tongue since he was a little baby.

Carefully choosing the colors. Now we just need to decide where to hang the masterpiece.
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Friday, August 6, 2010

Bethel Picnic

Bethel Baptist had a picnic after church, and Dan and Danny decided to crash the fun. Mom and I went grocery shopping since it was 100 degrees out, but it looks like me missed out on a lot of fun. Danny and Micah are best buddies. I love watching them play together.
Elie getting in on the group hug.
Danny was very excited about the horse rides. He wanted to go all by himself, and didn't want Dan to walk with him. I love how brave and independent he is.
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What a big boy. I love that he loves animals.
This kid has excellent form.
So proud of himself.
After seeing how much fun Danny had Micah decided to give the horse a spin. I love his smile.
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