Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Package from Aunt Nita

Aunt Nita (my dear college friend) is so generous about always sending Danny packages in the mail. He is so excited to open them up and dig into the goodies. I was excited this time too because I got an awesome birthday purse that I have been using ever since.
Digging to the bottom and throwing things as he goes.

Wow! Bugs and snakes. Thanks Nita!
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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Getting ready for Church

This is my new favorite picture. You can't tell me my son doesn't look like Zoolander here.
The flash really bothers Danny's eyes, and he always covers them and says "eyes" after we take pictures
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Lots of hugs all the time
Don't you just love the coordinating vests?
Are you supposed to hold hands during a mug shot?
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Story time before bed
BED! "let's bust out of here Josiah!
Elie and Micah stayed with us last night and we had a wonderful time. What a brave cat to be sitting on the couch during all of this wrestling
Elie and Micah both borrowed Danny's PJ's
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Isaiah is here!

On Friday morning baby Isaiah was born at CHOP. It was a very exciting and tense day. We praise the Lord for beautiful Isaiah. Josiah was one of the fist people to go to the hospital. Here he is making a puzzle in the waiting room.
I was very fortunate to be able to go into the NICU and see Isaiah. He is one of the most beautiful babies I have ever seen.
Look at that big boy yawn
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A very proud Daddy. I think Isaiah looks like Chris' baby pictures. It's the hair.
I love baby feet
Sleeping soundly
Isaiah had some special presents wrapped up to give Josiah when he got to the hospital
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Super fun glowing ball from Isaiah
I figured this is the closest I would ever get to twins, so I've been dressing them alike. This is a hug, not a head lock!
Danny was pretty excited to see Aunt Joy!
Josiah giving kisses
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Josiah and Mommy miss each other. She had cookies, and that made everyone happy

I can't believe how good Joy looked after just having a C-section that morning.
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Sleeping Baby

I go in to check on Danny every night before I go to bed. He is always in some weird position, or his blankets are wrapped around his face. Last night this is what I found. I was able to take the picture and move him without him even stirring.
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Toddler Valentine's Day Party

I love our holiday toddler parties. The kids decorated heart shaped cookies with icing and sprinkles
Josiah was focusing
Super cute Sydney loved the icing
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Danny thinks that Kaden is the coolest big boy ever
The kids did awesome sitting on the couch for a picture
Let's see if I can spell everyone's name right... Andrew, Julia, Sydney, Elijah, Kaden, Josiah, Danny, Carter, and Graham
Look at that happy face. Graham was totally into sitting with the big boys
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2009 Pet Expo

Dan and I have been to several pet expo's together, but this was Danny's first time. He really enjoyed it too.
The reptile show was crazy. This was an alligator turtle and it was huge and scary
Danny was really into the birds
They had an "air dog" competition too
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