Monday, October 13, 2008

Scary Sunday Night

So, there was a lot of excitement around here late Sunday night. Dan and Danny were out watching the Eagles game and I was home working on the computer. At 8pm Dan tried to come home but he wasn't able to get into the development because all of the entrances and exits had police barricades. So, he and Danny waited in the car for some time and still weren't allowed in. Danny was falling asleep so Dan drove him to the Knoble's to lay him down. We still didn't know what was happening and I wasn't thrilled to be home alone. The situation seemed to be escalating because they evacuated several homes at the entrance to our cul-de-sac, and there were several SWAT buses, an armored car, and 20 plus cop cars, not to mention snipers in the bushes, and in the woods behind our home.
Some time later, we realized that there seemed to be a hostage situation, because we could ALL hear the negotiator on the bull horn. Dan was in our neighboring development and could hear him talking. Around midnight when the Phillies game was over, the talks were still going on loud and clear so Dan decided to spend the evening on the Noble's couch.
I think it was around 1am when there was a very loud bang that shook our house and was even loud to Dan. The situation seemed to end shortly after as the parade of police started to leave. I do not know for sure exactly how things ended, but I've heard a couple of really good stories. If I find any info in the newspaper tomorrow I will update everyone.
I just praise the Lord that my family was safe, and that the Nobles were kind enough to put Dan and Danny up for the night.

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