Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ana's new hat

So I've been wanting to make Ana a hat, but couldn't really remember how to crochet. I found a pattern for a women's hat that I really liked, and the amazing Amy DiNenna turned it into this beautiful baby hat. It was still a little big, but looks so cute. Now I just have to figure out how to make one on my own.

I love this expression, and see it often
I was trying to get a picture of the side of her head, and she kept turning towards me.
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Preschool musical

All year I've been looking forward to Danny's first musical. I wasn't disappointed. He did great. Notice Kira standing next to him, she got really into it.
Focusing on the audience

Perfect execution of the square puppet song
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Skater Boy

The skateboard was Dan's birthday present to himself. He said it makes him feel young. Danny decided to borrow the board and show Daddy how it's done.

Such a cool boy
I love this kid.
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