Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Danny's first trip to Disney

The weather in Fl wasn't great, and we were afraid that we wouldn't make it to Disney. We had free tickets because of the give a day of service get a day at Disney program. We finally had some nice weather for our last day in Fl., and decided to make the drive. I'm so glad we went, it was a special time that Danny still talks about.
Waiting for our tram to the Magic Kingdom.
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Tram ride to the Magic Kingdom
There was a show going on at the castle that Danny was very excited about

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Jungle Tour

Our first ride of the day was the jungle tour. As you can see, Danny was thrilled. Actually, he was really excited, he just doesn't like to have his picture taken. I believe that he thinks that he is Amish.
Disney does such a great job decorating. There is always tons to look at while waiting in line.
Trying to decide what he thinks of all the wild animals we were seeing
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Checking out the mommy elephant

I really really like this picture of Danny. I'm glad he had fun on his first ride.
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I'm not sure why, but the guys thought that Danny would enjoy the pirates of the Caribbean ride. He was already getting nervous waiting in line.
Captain Jack Sparrow
This is what he looked like for most of the ride when his head wasn't in my lap. My poor baby.
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At least we had a lot of fun playing with swords and hook hands after the ride

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Lunch time!!!

What? It's time for lunch!!!
The food isn't cheap, but at least it tasted really good
Danny enjoying his carrots
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Poo's play place

Danny was loving the tree house
Yelling at Mimi
Danny was having a great time
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Danny and Mimi sharing some honey in Poo's house

A relaxed ride above the park. This was the perfect speed for Danny and me, and it gave us a good view of what we wanted to do for the day
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Race cars

Danny was so excited about the race cars. He was really hoping to get an orange one.
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Dan was terrified, but Danny was in heaven

Danny was a little upset about not getting an orange car, but he got over it quickly when he realized that he would be driving his own race car
And they're off...
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Toon town

While Dan and Dad were riding space mountain, Danny, Mom, and I went to toon town. There were tons of age appropriate things for Danny to do there. He was really excited about playing in the water.

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