Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A snowy day in October

It's not even Halloween and check out the amount of snow we got on 10/28/08. These videos and pictures are from my office and from the side of our building.

This is a picture a little earlier in the day....

and this is a picture from my office later in the day. I can't believe how much it was snowing. In the Poconos they reported getting 14 inches of snow, and we got between 2-3 inches! Crazy huh.

Danny's Spoon Cam

This is just a silly video of Danny's Spoon Camera, but look out, the camera gets hijacked at the end of the video.

A visit from Josiah

Danny's cousin Josiah came to stay with us from Sunday night till Tuesday. Even though I wasn't feeling great, the boys had a wonderful time together. I love how they make each other laugh.
Josiah spilled his entire container of Cheerios, and they both worked together to clean them up
Josiah was very effective using both hands
I think Danny looks like a sumo wrestler in this picture
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Impossible Costume Picture

Trying to get a good picture of the kids in their costumes was impossible
Danny refused to leave his ears on, and was trying to swallow a golf ball
We thought having them stand might be easier, we were wrong
Of all the bad pictures, this is one of my favorites. Micah is blankly staring at the ground, Danny is screaming, Elie is dancing, and I think Josiah might have just passed out. Better luck next year I guess.
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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Saturday at Day care

So, all month long we were planning on going to Freddy Hill on Saturday with the Family. Sadly, the weather was horrible and we got rained out. Instead, we went to a free Fall Festival at All My Children day care in Perkasie. It was awesome. They had tons of crafts for the kids to do, free food and candy, and it was all inside out of the rain. We had a wonderful free morning.

Having fun in the Ball Pit.

Josiah and Danny decorating paper pumpkins
Micah was dressed like a skunk. The costume itself is hilarious, but when combined with Micah's awesome dance moves, my stomach hurt from laughing so hard
I don't remember what song they had playing, but he just couldn't control himself, the rhythm took over
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The Moon Bounce. Check out Danny's awesome jump at the end of the video.
There were 2 moon bounces set up for the kids. Our little guys weren't too sure what to make of the moving floor
Danny was able to make his own spin art
Enjoying the ball pit
We all were laughing the entire morning about this skunk costume. Look at that white Mohawk, it's the best thing I've ever seen. And, what skunk have you ever seen with a red bow-tie? It's just the perfect finishing touch.
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Face painting

It was hard for me to understand wanting a spider painted on your face, but if anyone can pull it off, it's Elie
Danny decided to go with a ghost, and doesn't appear too thrilled with his choice
The finished product looked pretty cute
I think Josiah got a bat, too bad he also looks less than happy with the face painting
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Decorating mimi pumkins

Dan and Danny working hard on their pumpkin creation
Joy and Josiah also made a great team
I love watching Josiah and Danny together. They really seem to enjoy each other
The finished products were very cute
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I think this is a really cute picture of Josiah
The three sisters monitoring the ball pit
If I were asked to describe what terror looks like, I would use this picture
The four cousins hogging the ball pit
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The Silver Marker

Last week while I was on a conference call with work Danny got bored and decided to color our walls, carpet, doors, and himself, with a silver sharpie. Dan was able to use the magic eraser and get the paint off of our yellow walls, but we aren't able to get it off of the builders white. I guess that gives us a reason to paint the hall. Any suggestions Monica?
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Monday, October 27, 2008

Friday night Fall Frolic

On Friday night we went to the Crooke's farm with the young married group from Hiltown Baptist. The weather was perfect, and we had a wonderful night. We made s'mores over the campfire, carved pumpkins, went on a great hayride, and saw their cows, kittens, and sheep.
Danny was in farm heaven, between the tractors, animals, and food, he had a perfect evening
Danny couldn't take his eyes off of the tractor when we were getting ready for the hayride
It was great to spend the evening with Jess and Kevin and get some fresh farm air
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We went on a hayride through the woods. It was the best hayride that Dan or I have ever been on.
I think I was just as excited as Danny to see the Moo cows
In this picture I really think that Dan and Danny look alike. I usually don't see it

This was the tractor that took us on the hayride. Danny loved it
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