Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Family Picture "Fun"

Since we were all going to be together in FL, we decided to get a family picture taken. This was our first "professional" family picture since I met Dan. It was not the most fun evening. We were at the mall for hours, and everyone was just tired and wanted to go home.
The boys were trying to put on their best faces while we were waiting. I love how regal Danny looks in this pic.
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Can you find Danny? Just goofing off while waiting to get our picture taken.
As a reward for all the torture of picture taking, Danny got to ride the carousel
Of all the beautiful horses, he had to ride on the panda
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Beach Time

We spent a lot of time on the beach in FL. My parents live less than a mile from a beach so we went at least once a day. Above, Pappy is feeding Danny a yogurt.
Taylor and Rachelle built a very impressive Gothic sand castle
Danny loved the beach and the sand
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Danny escaping from being buried in the sand
Mimi and Pappy liked to bury Danny in the sand
They were able to hold him still long enough to get him buried up to his waist
Danny loved running up and down the beach
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Here is Danny's footprint and mine
Even though the water was chilly, Danny enjoyed walking in it

On several occasions we packed our lunches and enjoyed sandwiches in the sand. It was great!
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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Japanese steak house

Dan's brother Doug, and his Mom Lois, were visiting PA to meet Isaiah, and we all got together for a wonderful dinner
We went to a Japanese steak house in Allentown. I had never been to one of these before, and it was very fun. Danny and Micah were dancing to the drum music
It was so awesome when our personal chef cooked everything right at our table, and the food tasted wonderful too
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Danny loved the soup

I just couldn't get enough of watching Danny eat his soup with that big spoon
He was being very polite and sipping it off of the spoon
Look at that cuteness
I believe I'm getting the evil eye. Perhaps he thought that I was threatening to take the soup
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The kids were really having a good time watching until things started to heat up and catch on fire
I don't usually see Danny scared. But he did not like this flaming onion. He said that it was hurting his eyes
This was a raw egg that he was flipping around without breaking the shell.
I can't get them home from the grocery store without breaking the shell
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Dave's seat was farther away from the fire so the kids were hiding with him
Lori, Micah, and Lori's Mom Penny
Danny getting disciplined in the corner
Danny went for an intense airplane ride after a large meal
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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Watching Daddy

Dan was helping our neighbor work on his car and Danny and Chubbs were really excited to be watching
I couldn't open the window any further because I think they both would have jumped out
Danny kept calling "Daddy"
I really like these pictures
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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bye Bye Kitty Cats

Saturday night the Burns' picked up their kitty cats. Danny was in bed, so thankfully he didn't have to see them leave.
Every time we come home he wants to know where the kitty cats are, and he goes around the house looking for them
Danny loved playing with the cats, and maybe we'll need to get him one someday
A nice kiss goodbye
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