Thursday, January 29, 2009

Warning! Terrible fight scene

For Christmas Uncle Taylor got Danny a Lightning McQueen punching bag. It proved to be a very entertaining gift.
Danny was working up a sweat mid-battle so he had to strip down to the bare essentials
"He-ya, take that!"
"Sorry, did I hurt you lightning?" I think Danny was taken back by his own strength.
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This is my favorite picture that was taken on Christmas day. I really feel like Lightning McQueen is laughing as he bobs in the background while Danny slams the floor.
Danny was not going to take this fight lying down
"I love you"
"I will destroy you!"
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When Danny really gets into something he takes his socks off to insure that he doesn't slip. Play time was over, this is serious now.

"Bounce back, I dare you!"
"I'll help you up buddy." Danny wasn't ready for the fight to be over that easy
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Score one for McQueen

"If I'm going down I'm taking you with me Lightning!"
This was Danny's victory dance. The bean bag was down for the count and Danny danced around it
He went over to the radio and made us turn on music so he could really get into his winner's dance. It was awesome!
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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Christmas dinner with the Burns'

Beautiful baby Kinsey
Steph, Michelle, and Kinsey
If only this remote worked with kids
2 clowns
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Tough guys Dan and Doug
Mr. and Mrs. Burns and Eli
Eli got a workbench for Christmas and all the kids loved it
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Wait, I have a questions
We tried to use food and drink to keep the three kids on the sofa long enough to get a picture
Danny, Eli, and Reegan
Reegan was doing a wonderful job distributing her snacks trying to keep the hungry boys happy
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Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Emr Family Christmas

I have no idea how Santa fit all of these gifts in his sled
I love Christmas
Looking at the snow on the deck
Danny and Grammy
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A bulldozer. Yeah!
Elie got a harmonica for Christmas, and Josiah loved it. He wandered into the other room with it and came back wearing these goggles and playing some tunes. As I was opening presents it felt like there was a sad cowboy in the room with us.

Doug gave Elie a princess Belle dress. She loved it.
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Cool sunglasses Micah
What'd I get?
There were a lot of photo books this year. They seem to be everyones favorite gift
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