Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sunday afternoon at the Farm

Gretchen, our friend from church, has a farm less than a mile from our house. They were having an open house Sunday afternoon and we stopped by. It was great. They had cows, sheep shearing, a hay ride, and baby chicks

Danny loves farm animals and was having a great time. He and Taylor were talking to the cows
While we were there, and several times after leaving, Danny asked for his own cow. Here he is picking out the one that he would like to take home
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Riding the tractors

They had about 6 tractors in a row, and Danny needed to drive all of them.
I'm glad Taylor was there to help him not fall off
I like this one
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We even got to go on a nice hay ride
One of Taylor's artistic photos of the corn
I thought this brown cow was so pretty
Danny loved the chickens, there were probably 100 baby chicks, but he liked the big ones better
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I think Danny's favorite part of the day was chasing the chickens around and flapping his wings at them
I was trying to help Danny touch the cow's nose
EEww, we got slobbered on
Taylor had the camera for the second half of the afternoon, and when we got home I realized that he took mainly pictures of cow butts
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Sunday evening in the park

Sunday night while we were waiting for Dan to get home from Ohio Taylor Danny and I went to the park to feed the geese
Danny has no fear at all of the geese. They walk right up beak to nose with him and he loves it
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There were two beautiful baby geese
The Mommy goose flipped out when we just looked at the babies
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Danny is such a big helper that he threw out the bag of trash when we were done
After a fun evening of feeding the geese we played on the playground
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Making cupcakes

Putting homemade chocolate icing on our cupcakes
Danny likes putting one sprinkle on at a time
Diving in
I love those big brown eyes
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I love cupcakes
Help me there's icing in my nose
I can't turn down a kiss even when he's covered in chocolate icing
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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Easter in TN

We spend Easter with Dan's family every year. This year we flew down to TN again and had a wonderful time. Some of John's family joined us and it was great getting to know them a little better. Here are all the grand kids
The whole group. Thankfully Mom and John's new house is very spacious
Acting silly
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Reading with Grammy

After their bath, and before bedtime, Grammy read the kids the Easter story
As you can see they really enjoyed her animated reading style
there was even some dancing
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