Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Danny loved the fire hats and noise makers. He went through a couple of the noise makers by the end of the evening

Dad and T. I'm trying to decide if they look alike.
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Thursday, June 18, 2009


Our little Thomas is so much fun. I am really thankful that he's turned out to be a good boy. At least so far. He is growing so fast. I bet he is at least double to size of when we got him.

Daddy got this toy for Thomas. It was an instant hit. He played with it constantly, until it gotten irreversibly wrapped around his paw and we had to cut it off. That was fun. Claws and teeth flying everywhere.
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Rain coat

With the weather we've been having, Danny has been living in his little yellow raincoat. I can never seem to button it evenly, but it still looks super cute. I just wish he had some matching boots.

Worried about the weather.
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These are a couple of cat pictures that my Dad took while they were visiting.
We call this large stuffed bear Thomas' Mommy. He sleeps with her every night.
Jack Jack was staying with us while my parents were visiting. This made them both very happy because Jack is awesome.
I couldn't believe Dad got this one of Jack yawning. He said all he had to do for the shot was step on Jack's tail, but I know he wouldn't do that. I don't think! :)
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Monday, June 15, 2009

Danny's Second Haircut

As most of you know, Steph and I are always a little slow to cut Danny's hair. Maybe it's because deep down we both love mullets, or maybe because we love how Danny's extremely long hair can stand straight up. But eventully we break down and he gets a haircut. This is only his second "Professional" haircut, and keep in mind he is 2 now (I, Dan, did trim it twice between the two haircuts, so you've got to give us a little slack).

Here is a shot of the "Party in the Back", while Steph discusses styling options for Danny.

I (Dan) got my haircut first so Danny would see it was OK. Well if you can't tell from the picture, Danny had no reservations about getting his hair trimmed. He climbed as fast as he could into the chair and was all smiles. (maybe the poor kid was sick of his long hair).

Look how good he is. The lady asked if he gets his hair cut a lot (which made Steph and I laugh), because of how good he was listening and not complaining.

She cut off between 2 and 3 inches all over his head. We saved most of his hair and knitted some hats and gloves for gifts this Christmas.

This is a pretty long video of the event. Don't feel like you have to watch it, because it's really for the Grandma's to enjoy (hope you like it Mimi and Grammy!).

ALL DONE!!! Doesn't he look so good. What a big boy!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Doylestown Parade

Bright and early on Memorial Day, we met the Jackson family for the Doylestown Parade. I love parades, but this was my first time at Doylestown. I loved every minute of the morning, even the two hour wait, and plan to go back every year.
Waiting for the fun to start
I spotted this golden doodle across the street and had to say "hi". This is the type of dog that I would like to have someday. Danny liked him too.
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So, the parade was supposed to start at 10am. Right at 10 several firetrucks came barrelling down the road with their lights and sirens on. We all thought that it was a terrible start to the parade with the trucks blazing by. Then we realized that they were responding to a call right there on main street.
They put the ladder up and two guys had to go up and check out a chimney fire.
Danny was really excited to see the ladder in action. It turned out to be a pretty exciting start to the parade.
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Cute couple

I think they both look really bashful in this picture. Danny's staring at his feet, and Campbell can't even look over.
Doesn't that look just say "Mom, why are you making me do this?"
Campbell was sharing her snacks with Danny
Looking very patriotic
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The super cute Jackson family waiting for the parade to start
Danny really loved the drums in the marching bands
The boy scouts gave Danny a flag and he loved it. He waved it for the entire 1.5 hour parade
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I really liked this VW "thing"
Isn't this a great picture of Danny. He loved that flag, and I loved the parade.
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At the very start of the parade an army jeep went by shooting its gun. It was really really loud and upset all of the kids, and also my sensitive ears. It was hard for me to understand why he just keep going when everyone was holding their ears. For the rest of the parade, anytime that Danny saw a vehicle he made us hold his ears.
The whole gang. It was nice to spend time with Jess' family
This is what Danny waited for all morning. He was asking for the firetrucks since 7am.
Waving at the firetrucks
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