Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Danny's Day out with Thomas

Danny loves Thomas the Tank Engine, and ever since I heard about Day out with Thomas I couldn't wait to take him. We spent a weekend in Lancaster, and had an awesome time. The hotel we stayed at was very nice, and Danny loved the baggage cart.
After a wonderful breakfast on Friday morning, we headed to the Strasburg railroad to see Thomas. Because of all the rain, we weren't able to park at the station, so they were transporting everyone on school buses from a local school. Dan and I thought this was annoying, but Danny was really excited to ride a school bus.
I think my favorite part of the weekend was when the bus pulled up to the station and all of the kids started screaming "Thomas" and were literally trying to jump out of the windows to get to him.
Shortly after we got there it was Danny's scheduled time to ride on Thomas. It was so fun, and I'm already dreaming about going back next year.
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