Monday, June 15, 2009

Danny's Second Haircut

As most of you know, Steph and I are always a little slow to cut Danny's hair. Maybe it's because deep down we both love mullets, or maybe because we love how Danny's extremely long hair can stand straight up. But eventully we break down and he gets a haircut. This is only his second "Professional" haircut, and keep in mind he is 2 now (I, Dan, did trim it twice between the two haircuts, so you've got to give us a little slack).

Here is a shot of the "Party in the Back", while Steph discusses styling options for Danny.

I (Dan) got my haircut first so Danny would see it was OK. Well if you can't tell from the picture, Danny had no reservations about getting his hair trimmed. He climbed as fast as he could into the chair and was all smiles. (maybe the poor kid was sick of his long hair).

Look how good he is. The lady asked if he gets his hair cut a lot (which made Steph and I laugh), because of how good he was listening and not complaining.

She cut off between 2 and 3 inches all over his head. We saved most of his hair and knitted some hats and gloves for gifts this Christmas.

This is a pretty long video of the event. Don't feel like you have to watch it, because it's really for the Grandma's to enjoy (hope you like it Mimi and Grammy!).

ALL DONE!!! Doesn't he look so good. What a big boy!

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Staci L. Photography said...

Oh, I love it. Such a little man! :-)