Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Our new Kitten!!!

After months of asking, Danny finally talked us into getting a kitten. I really wanted an orange cat that I hope to make fat in the upcoming months. We picked our Kitty up in Doylestown at the kid's castle park. He was a little scared, but did great sitting with Danny on the ride home.
The cat was meowing and we told Danny that he was scared so Danny turned on his Thomas the Train video and kept turning the cats head telling him to watch. He was trying to comfort the kitten with his favorite cartoon.
We are thinking of naming the cat Thomas because of that little story, but every time we asked Danny if we should call him Thomas he says "no! Kitty Cat"
I hope Danny and "Thomas" are best friends really soon
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carolinagirl said...

Hey Steph! I love your pictures of your new kitten. I will look forward to the next blog with a name for the "Kity Cat" or should I say "Thomas"??