Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sunday afternoon at the Farm

Gretchen, our friend from church, has a farm less than a mile from our house. They were having an open house Sunday afternoon and we stopped by. It was great. They had cows, sheep shearing, a hay ride, and baby chicks

Danny loves farm animals and was having a great time. He and Taylor were talking to the cows
While we were there, and several times after leaving, Danny asked for his own cow. Here he is picking out the one that he would like to take home
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Staci L. Photography said...

Wow...Dan sure has changed. We hardly recognized him in the first picture. LOL. Okay, Tim's doing...but I wrote it. :-)

Dan and Steph said...

Nice guys. I'll have to make sure Dan reads your comment. Hope you guys are doing well out there.